Bigg Boss 12 – Episode 12 Review and Highlights 28 Sep 2018 Day 12

Bigg Boss 12 – Episode 12 Review and Highlights 28 Sep 2018 Day 12
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Bigg Boss 12 now is about to suggest the mistakes of the housemates during the task. Something has happened in the house that has caused Sreesanth to fall. Sreesanth is once again seen ready to get out of the house.

Bigg Boss 12 – Episode 12 Review

Where the factions were formed, distances are now started, and everyone has been able to prove their personality and prove themselves. Here the fight for couples and singles has started. On Dipika, where the villagers accused of doing force during the task, there were similar allegations on Srishty.

Romil and Nirmal Singh insistence to reach the angry Sreesanth All the people in the house are busy trying to stop Sreesanth.

Bigg Boss 12 – Day 12 Highlights

This episode of Bigg Boss 12 proved to be a turning point in reality. Actually, suddenly, something happened that all the contests of the house seemed to change their attitude. Indeed, in this episode, all the villagers were mirrored how they were playing. Along with this, today’s turn was to choose one pair and one single for the punishment of the dungeon.

The house is awakened with the song ‘I Am the Best’. Anup Jaslin is asked to behave well with Dipika. Jasleen says that Dipika’s behavior is not good for her but when Anup says she embraces Dipika.

Vikas Gupta Entry in Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss speaks to all the housemates, Stachu, and told that mastermind Vikas Gupta is coming for the last season to show everyone in the house. Vikas tells all the contests of the house how they are playing and what opinions are being made about them.

After Vikas, all the householders tell each other what Vikas has told them. Sreesanth and Sourabh disagree with Vikas talk about him. Now it is time to choose a member for the dungeon. Everyone nominates for the dungeon, stating their reasons. All complain about the behavior of Romil. There is a raging flurry on it. There is plenty of discussion in households. Sreesanth knocks the Confession’s room door by telling him about leaving the house in anger. All the villagers try to persuade them.