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Surbhi Rana Bigg Boss 12 First Wild Card Entry – Surbhi Rana Wiki Bio

Surbhi Rana Bigg Boss 12 First Wild Card Entry: Hello friends, are you looking for the first wild card entry in Bigg Boss 12 House? Who is Surbhi Rana? Surbhi Rana Wiki Bio and other details? well if you are searching for Surbhi Rana you are on the right website, I will tell you everything you want to know about the “Surbhi Rana Bigg Boss 12 First Wild Card Entry”. So let’s get started

Surbhi Rana – Bigg Boss 12 First Wild Card Entry

Rodies contestant Surabhi Rana’s wild card entry in Big Boss 12 house is really surprising. Suresh said, “When I went to Big Boss’s house for the first time, it was quite a convient. I do not want to talk about why I voted out but yes, it was quite shocking. I always wanted to go to Bigg Boss, so I will return with a bang. ‘

Surabhi Rana has seen all the episodes of this season and she feels that this will benefit her a lot. She says she will return like a wounded tiger who knows what is happening in the woods.

Surabhi says that she has become more dangerous than before. He said, ‘I have understood the personality of everyone.’ He says about his colleagues that he enjoys seeing Bihar’s Singer Deepak Thakur.

They said, ‘They talk straight and they have their own views. I think I will be friends with him. ‘ Surabhi Rana told that she will miss her family and friends but her focus is to win the Big Boss. Their planning honesty and the people with whom they like to win the game with the loyalty.

Who is Surabhi Rana?

Surabhi Rana is one of the most controversial contests of Roadies Extreme. The fight in the Surabhi Roadies has been famous for the quarrels. In Roadies, he was a contender of Neha Dhupia’s team. The sharpness of the arrogant and intense attitude that has become popular has become very popular. Now it is necessary to see how much work is going on in the house of Superb Big Boss.

Let us tell you that Surabhi Roadies has been the most controversial contests of Extreme.

Romil Chaudhary Wiki, Born, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Biography Bigg Boss 12

Romil Chaudhary is a common competitor in ‘Bigg Boss Season 12’. Romil Chaudhury is a lawyer in the High Court. Romail applied for audition of Bigg Boss 12 with her best friend Nirmal Singh. Which is now visible in Bigg Boss 12. Rumil (27 years old) was born in March 1991 in Karnal, Haryana. He is a lawyer in the High Court.

Romil Chaudhary – Bigg Boss 12

Romil’s father is a farmer. It is married and his wife is a member of the District Council in Karnal district.They have a son who was born in 2018 this year.

Romil Chaudhary is a lawyer of New Delhi . She is a contestant in the TV industry’s famous controversial reality show Bigg Boss Season 12. The Bigg Boss season 12 will also be hosted by Salman Khan.Romil Chaudhary entered Bigg Boss 12 with his friend Nirmal Singh. Nirmal Singh is a police officer from Haryana. In Bigg Boss 12, he was the first person to enter as a normal pair.

Romil Chaudhary Wiki / Biography

In a recent interview, Romil said that he is both excited and nervous about this new phase of life. The lawyer said that in his heart he believes that he is a special man and thinks that it is his positive attitude to life that has led him to Bigg Boss 12.

Romil Chaudhary Wife name & Family Details

Romil Chaudhary further said that he is not thinking about performing in the work and staying inside the house. Although it is common for competitors to see past sessions of Bigg Boss, Romil claimed that this is his mother who is a fan of the show and he has seen the last two seasons.

Urvashi Vani Wiki, Born, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Biography Bigg Boss 12

This time many weired pairs will be seen in Bigg Boss. Colors Channel shared the promo video of the show last days. It was mentioned that Bhojpuri Singer and Fan duo will be part of the house this time. The name of this Bhojpuri singer is Deepak Thakur. At the same time, Suspense was made in the name of Fan. Now a social media user has claimed that these fans are the same.

Urvashi Vani Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

Urvashi Wani, a user named on social media, has said that these fans are the same. He wrote on social media -Friends, I am opening this surprise in front of you. I am coming in Bigg Boss 12 According to Urvashi’s profile, she is also a resident of Bihar. Apart from this, he is the fan of Shahrukh Khan. She is singer like Deepak.

Shahrukh Khan once tweeted a video of Urvashi according to the report and wrote that he sings very well. At the same time, Deepik had sang songs in Gangs of Wasseypur. Deepak has confirmed that he is coming to the Bigg Boss on social media.

Urvashi Vani Wiki / Biography

Bigg Boss Season 12, the popular reality show of Colors TV, has been launched. In addition to the duo of singer Anup Jalota and Jasleen, another couple is in the discussion this season of Bigg Boss. Two Bihar singers, Deepak Thakur of Muzaffarpur and Urvashi Vani of Samastipur have also made this place in the Bigg Boss.

Deepak, the famous singer from Muzaffarpur, has sung in Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Mukkabazz’. Also, his biggest fan Urvashi Vani has come as a partner of Deepak in Bigg Boss.

Urvashi Vani from Bihar in Bigg Boss 12

There is a wave of happiness among the people of the family of urvashi Vani of Entry from the show. Every member of the family is wishing to win in Urvashi Vani’s Bigg Boss. The whole family is feeling proud about Urvashi Vani, who lives in Muktapur Jute Mill, a small village in Samastipur. The family members are sharing their happiness by feeding each other with sweets.

Urvashi’s father Pankaj Tiwari is working as Supervisor in Samastipur Rameshwar Jute Mill. Urvashi is third in five siblings. Urvashi, the playful nature, was interested in music since childhood. He matriculated from Muktapur School. Then went to Patna for further studies. He did an account honors from Patna University. Together he is also studying music.

Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Urvashi Vani Bio

told the father of Urvashi that he had beaten the Urvashi in childhood on any mistake, after which the house When he came out, he became an accident. He explains that when he returns home, he apologizes after touching his feet with Urvashi Vani. He says that for the first time any participant from Bihar got an opportunity. He wants to win his beloved victory.

Urvashi Vani Boy Friend

At the same time, Urvashi’s sister says that she continued to grow in the same season like Bigg Boss Season 12 and win. Urvashi’s grandfather Vishwanath Tiwari, who is related to the medical field, is very happy to be part of this grand show of his grandson. In the context of Urvashi, he happily became emotional while explaining. He told that before joining Bigg Boss, he did not know about it. Now, to see how much success comes from the small village of Samastipur, Urvashi, who became a part of the Bigg Boss.

Kriti Verma Wiki, Born, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Biography Bigg Boss 12

The ‘ Bigg Boss 12 ‘ has started to burst and with this, the audience has started to see the bigg boss’s house and fight-fighting. Most of the contestants have participated in the 12th season compared to the ‘Bigg Boss’ season. This time, ‘Bigg Boss 12’ also has Karti Verma , who has already appeared on the Internet before the premiere episode.

Kriti Verma –  Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

Karti Verma is a government official (GST) and is 24 years old. She is single and does every work with heart. Karti Verma had also appeared in ‘ Roadies Extreme ‘ this season . Karti at the Roadies had done a lot of rage, due to which he was identified by the Commotion Queen. Karti Verma is extremely hot and sexy. He is also quite active on social media and often shares her bold photos.

Karti Verma, born in Delhi, has been passionate about dance since childhood and she describes herself as the fan of Shah Rukh Khan. In this show, Karti Verma and Surabhi Rana voted for an entry ticket for the show. This is the first time such an experiment has been done in the Bigg Boss when the audience has voted to include someone in the house.Vote this vote on the official mobile app of Colors TV, pick 2 out of 4 participants. However, they were given a task for this too. Based on which viewers voted.

The 24-year-old Kirti Verma profession has GST aspirator. He was born on September 4 in Mumbai. He is proud of his work. Surabhi is from Himachal Pradesh. Both Contestant Roadies have joined the 15th season of Extreme. It will tell the time when both of them perform in this show.

In the interview after leaving the roadies, kirti had said that Neha Mam (Neha Dhupia) is a true roady. He was our gang leader. We used to call them mom. He used to treat us like a friend. The profession of the work was also made fun in the Roadies. kirti said that – things are the same in which there is a thing. They made fun of me because I am proud of my job.

Both of them did not like to see each other at the beginning of the roadies, but later they became very good friends of each other. The kirti said that in the beginning we both did not have a chance to talk much. According to the work, when I and Surabhi came in one gang, we came to know that many things in both of them are the same. kirti and Surabhi are from Mittal and Roshmi pair. Which of these two pairs will go to the main house? It will be decided by the votes of the people.

Somi Khan Bigg Boss 12 Contestant – Wiki, Biography, Boyfriend

Somi Khan ‘Bigg Boss 12.’ Is a commoner contestant. Somi Khan has entered the house with his sister Saba Khan.Somi Khan was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Somi Khan’s father did not want him to study and later, he abandoned his whole family. Somi Khan is an art-loving. After completing his studies, Somi Khan started his career as a Guest Relations Officer at the Holiday In Jaipur City Center.

Somi Khan –  Bigg Boss 12

Later, Somai Khan was upgraded to Sales and Marketing Executive. Prior to entering the Bigg Boss House, Soma Khan was working as a sales and marketing executive at the Jaipur Marriott Hotel. He was working in this area for the past 3 years.

Somi Khan Bio/Wiki

Nirmal Singh Wiki, Born, Age, Wife, Family, Biography Bigg Boss 12

Nirmal Singh is a policeman from Haryana, who got fame after entering the Bigg Boss 12 house in 2018. Nirmal Singh is also an active social worker. Nirmal Singh 36 years (age 2018) is a common man living in Ishaqpur, Kurukshetra, Haryana. He went to Kurukshetra University, but got out of college. Nirmal Singh always wanted to serve the nation, and on September 13, 2007, he joined the Haryana Police and initially he was posted in Faridabad.

Nirmal Singh Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

Born in 1982, Nirmal Singh did his schooling at the Government School of Senior Secondary School, Dayalpur. He graduated from Kurukshetra University and joined the Haryana Police Department on September 13, 2007 and continued serving the country.

Nirmal Singh Wiki / Biography

A police officer from the profession, Nirmal Singh, will enter the Bigg Boss House with lawyer Romil Chaudhary. Bigg Boss is the most controversial reality show of the TV industry and for the first time the police officer is participating in this show. Bigg Boss 12 is hosted by Salman Khan.

Nirmal Singh’s father is Lal Singh and mother Roshni Devi. Nirmal Singh has a brother – Krishna Singh who lives in Australia. He is married and has his son and daughter.

Roshmi Banik Wiki, Born Age, Family, Boyfriend, Biography Bigg Boss 12

Roshami Bunik is an Indian business woman and TV participant. Roshami has recently participated in the Bigg Boss 12 of the country’s most popular reality show as a contestant. This is the most beautiful and Bengali face of the Bigg Boss.

Roshmi Banik Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

Roshamy Banik  had entered the outhouse with his partner even before the Bigg Boss started. Now Roshmi has entered the house directly, where she also has an X Roadies Contestant piece. As soon as Roshami came home, he made the fancy his crazy. Their beautiful pictures became increasingly viral on social media.

Roshmi Banik Wiki / Biography

Roshami Banik was born in 1992 in Kolkata, West Bengal. Rosemary is a Kolkata based business woman. Roshamy Bennick had entered the outhouse with his partner even before the Bigg Boss started. Now Roshmi is straight inside the house.As soon as Roshami came home, he made the fancy his crazy. Their beautiful pictures became increasingly viral on social media. After seeing Roshmi, it has come to know that it is the most beautiful contention in Bigg Boss 12.

Roshmi Banik Pics

A lot of comments are being received on the social media on photos of Roshmi. Many users have called them cute, beautiful and sweet. There are many people who believe in their crush. 26-year-old Rosamy is from Calcutta, she is also very good to sing.

Sourabh Patel Wiki, Born, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography Bigg Boss 12

The first weekend of the Bigg Boss Season 12 is going to come. This show, hosted by Salman Khan, is well liked for its twist and turns. Compete in the show this time is also between the commoner and the Celebs. The only difference is that at this time some people in the game have come into the house by taking part in pairs. In such a list, there is also a pair of Sourabh-Shivashish in the list of Contestants inside the house. Yes, Shivashish is a businessman from the profession.At the same time, Sourabh’s farming partner.

Sourabh Patel – Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

The promo was told the same before the show began.But now news is coming that Shivashish’s partner Sourabh shows the identity of himself on the wrong. Being a weired pair of Bigg Boss, there are Shivasish models that enter the house and work as actors. At the same time, there are reports about his partner Sourabh Patel that he has given his wrong identity. According to Report, Patel is seen lying on television about profession.

Sourabh Patel Wiki / Biography

Patel’s close friends have revealed – ‘His real name is not sourabh. He is an Assistant Casting Director. Patel is also a struggling actor. He wants to get some bigg work in the field of acting. “One of his close personalities told that he works as Assistant Casting Director. He has also worked in Rashmi Sharma and BAG Films Production. His real name is Sahil Rameshwar Patel. I do not know why he is lying about himself and his profession.

Sourabh Patel in Bigg Boss 12 House

Sourabh Patel TV Industry’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss is a contestant in Season 12, Sourabh is a farmer with profession, he looks like a very ordinary person wearing Kurta pajama.Sourabh Patel and Shivashish are the best friends of Madhya Pradesh.

Deepak Thakur Wiki, Born, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography – Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 would want to know how many people about taking entries are only becoming favorites of audiences ranging from family cantestent Deepak Thakur . No one knows much about his personal life from his intimate love story. This is the first time that Deepak is getting so much Limelite.

Deepak Thakur  – Bigg Boss 12

Deepak Thakur  – Bigg Boss 12

Deepak was born on March 24, 1994 in a village in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. Deepak’s father Pankaj Thakur is a farmer, while his mother is a house wife. He has a brother named Saket Thakur. They have two sisters, whose names are Jyoti and Deepika.

Deepak Thakur – Biography

In Singer, Deepak got the first break from Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. He has also given his voice in a song from the movie Sequel. Also for Anurag’s film ‘Mukkabaaz’ Deepak also sang ‘Adhura Main’.

Deepak Thakur Wiki Girlfriend

Deepak sings songs in marriage and other events. He also uploads his songs on YouTube and shares it with the people. Apart from this he also posts this video on social media accounts.

Deepak Thakur Bigg Boss 12 Winner

The audience started liking the lamp as soon as they entered the Bigg Boss 12. His mastermind style identifies him differently among the constants. In this show, he has entered with his girlfriend and Fan Urvashi.


Srishty Rode Wiki, Born, Age, Husband, Family, Biography Bigg Boss 12

Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 12 has been in constant headlines. The Bigg Boss Season 12 has started on Colors TV from 9 p.m.
In the house of Bigg Boss 12, TV Actress Srishti Rode is shooting as a Celebrity Contestant. Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 12 waits eagerly everybody for Weekend War, But this time, the fans are very excited to see Actor Srishti Rode’s house inside. Srishti Rode is often in the limelight by sharing his hot, bold photo on Instagram.

Srishty Rode  Bigg Boss 12

Srishty Rode is the daughter of well-known fatgraph director Tony Rode and has grown up in Mumbai. Being famous for his sexy look and beauty,the famous actress of Srishty TV and from ‘Yeh Ishq Haye’ to ‘Shobha Somnath Ki’, ‘Chhoti Bahu (Season 2)’, ‘Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed’, ‘Saraswatichandra’, ‘ Hello Pratibha, ‘Mohhi’, ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi … Let’s Go’ and ‘Ishqbaaaz’ have worked in popular serials like.

Apart from the TV, Srishty has worked for many advertisements but he gets the most from the advertisement of Fair and Lovely. After this, the srishty never looked back. Since Srishti’s father was already connected to the TV industry, she had already got information about the TV industry and she did not face much trouble when she came to the industry.

Srishty Rode Wiki, Born, Age

Although initially, Srishti’s father was not interested in the fact that his daughter had a career in acting. There was no benefit from the experts, but Srishti did not give up. In college days, Srishti Rode auditioned for Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms show “Something like this” in which she had a small role. For this role, Srishti got a salary of just Rs 1,000.

Srishti was very much interested in acting since childhood and she used to carry out various types of outfits to show her Luck Patents. There is also a lot of discussion in the world of TV’s creator Srishti Rode. His affair has long been a TV actor Manish Nagdev for a long time. It is said that he and Manish have been engaged.

Name: Srishti Rode

Age: 26 years

Occupation: actress, model, trend dancer

Family: Unmrid

Onscreen Name: Srishti Rode